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View and manage destinations Manage destinations from the Destinations panel in the navigation pane

In Acrobat, you can use the Merge Files Into A Single PDF command to combine PDF documents that contain layersThe layers for each document are grouped under a separate heading in the Layers panel of the navigation pane

pdf convert

You expand and collapse the group by selecting the icon in the title bar for the groupLinks and bookmarks in web pages You can work with a PDF document created from web pages the same way you work with any other PDFDepending on how you configured Acrobat, clicking a link on a converted web page adds the page for that link to the end of the PDF, if it isn’t already included

pdf convert

Note: Remember that one web page can become multiple PDF pagesA web page is a single topic (or URL) from a website and is often one continuous HTML page

pdf convert

When you convert a web page to PDF, it may be divided into multiple standard-size PDF pages

When you first create a PDF from web pages, tagged bookmarks are generated if Create Bookmarks is selected in the Web PageConversion Settings dialog boxLoop After Last Page: Lets you page through a PDF document continuously, returning to the first page after the last

This option is typically used for setting up kiosk displaysAdvance Every _ Seconds: Specifies whether to advance automatically from page to page every set number of seconds

You can page through a document using the mouse or keyboard commands even if automatic paging is selectedFull-Screen Appearance Background Color: Specifies the window’s background color in Full-Screen mode

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